Saudi Arabia Announces that All of Its Citizens Must To Leave from Lebanon: Will both countries war?, Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia has warned its citizens against travelling to Lebanon and asked those who in the country to leave as soon as possible, the kingdom’s official news agency (SPA) quoted an official source in the Foreign Ministry as saying.

“Due to the circumstances in the Lebanese Republic, the kingdom asks its citizens who are visiting or residing” in the country to leave it as soon as possible, the source added.

The announcement came the same day Lebanon said it believes that Saudi Arabia is holding its Prime Minister Saad Hariri and plans to work with foreign states to secure his return to the country, a top Lebanese government official told Reuters on Thursday.

Hariri resigned as prime minister on Saturday in a shock declaration read from Saudi Arabia, pitching Lebanon into deep political crisis and pushing the country back to the forefront of a regional struggle between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun is seeking help from diplomats to uncover the mystery surrounding Hariri’s resignation, al-Manar TV reported on Thursday.

Hariri reportedly met the French Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Thursday in Riyadh, and has met EU, U.K. and U.S. diplomats in recent days.

*This article had been published on with title “Saudi Arabia Just Told All of Its Citizens to Immediately Leave Lebanon“


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